Just because it is hard to do, does not mean it is impossible to achieve

Just because it is hard to do, does not mean it is impossible to achieve

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Fran Weiss — Consultancies

Supportive Solutions Inc.
Crisis support consultant to the business community
2009 - present

Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services, Jewish Community Center of NYC
Short-term group "Crisis Intervention with Recently Separated and Divorced Adults"

Collaboration with AGPA (American Group Psychotherapy Association) response to 9/11
Formed short-term support group "The Emotional Response to Job Loss Due to 9/11"

Lee Hecht Harrison Outsource Group — in collaboration with AGPA response to 9/11
Formed 1-day psycho-educational day "The Emotional Response to Job Loss Due to 9/11"

Critical incident stress debriefing at Morgan Stanley
With one other mental health professional, set up a Mental Health Crisis Center at Morgan Stanley, whose home office was in the World Trade Center

Collaboration with AGPA response to 9/11 – work with families of firefighters
One-day interventions at a Brooklyn site and an Orange County site

American Red Cross
Critical incident stress debriefing in response to 9/11

St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center, University Hospital of Columbia University,
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Department of Medicine,
New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center

Psychotherapy consultant, senior psychotherapy consultant, trainer.
Greater detail available here.
1979 to present

Columbia University Student Mental Health Center
Consulting with professional staff around the psycho-social ramifications of weight control

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx Psychiatric Center, Family Studies Section
Conference Coordinator for Family Studies' 1980 conference "The Clinical Challenge of Working with Families in Today's Community"

Urban Research Planning and Conference Center, New York City
Research consultant on comparative study — "Children, U.S. and Abroad - Stress and Violence: Administrative Models - Instruments to Interpret Change"

Beth Abraham Hospital, New York City
Wrote Hospice grant proposal incorporating psychosocial aspects of patients with catastrophic illness. This project was funded by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

Black Analysis Inc., New York City
Conducted research for, and wrote, grant proposals for Black Analysis Inc. seeking funding for child welfare programs, doctoral program in early childhood education, and various community development programs.
1971 to 1979

Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Jerusalem, Israel
Consultant for UAHC working with troubled American teenagers during their senior year abroad, living on Kibbutz
1978 - 1979

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